Training & Assesment

About the Fleet Feet Sports Boston365 Personal Assessment

Your personal assessment at Fleet Feet Sports will include a short, but intense time trial that will enable expert analysis and evaluation of your fitness level. The assessment will allow Fleet Feet Sports to understand if you are ready for the challenge of qualifying for Boston and to properly place you in a training group. The fitness evaluation is just one part of the assessment, which will also include a discussion of your most recent training schedule and race results, an analysis of foot biomechanics to help identify the best footwear for your individual needs and additional topics including recovery, nutrition and hydration needs.

About the Fleet Feet Sports Boston365 Training Program

Once assessed and deemed ready to attempt to qualify for the BAA Boston Marathon, you will be placed into a training program managed by Fleet Feet Sports that will challenge and prepare you for the rigors of qualifying. The training program will be tailored to your effort and your goal time. You will receive individual and group training that will carry you through the qualifying and training programs for the BAA Boston Marathon.